The Best Estrogen You'll Ever Know !! (aina42) wrote in aina42_graphics,
The Best Estrogen You'll Ever Know !!

I wrote this for my mom's boss but I said "hey maybe lj/gj will help"
SO PLEASE HELP. :( I will be sooo thankful. And I really, sincerely want to go to this. It'll break my heart if I don't go, after all this hard work. Christ. Please comment if you're willing to help!


My name is Ana and I am currently working on a robot for the Preuss High School Robotics team. Our school is a well-known low income educative system and, unfortunately, our administration does not have enough money to financially support our club. The FIRST robotics competition is a series of contests all over the United States. The two contests our team wants to go to are the ones in Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia. Since we are low on cash and we've gotten as many sponsors as we can it is each member of the club's responsibility to gather up $200 to go to nationals. It pains me to say we are each $200 away from going to what will probably the highlight of our lives. In my case, my mother does not have $200 lying around, and I'm positive no one else from the club does either. We've stayed after school every day for 6 weeks now, working on our beloved robot and we'd hate to have done that for nothing. We often stay in school until 8PM and sometimes come in during weekends. I've maintained a GPA higher than a 4.0 still and I really think I deserve to go. So, if I want to go to this competition I'm so pumped to go to I just need to get 20 people to donate $10, at least. PLEASE cooperate and make a 15 year old's dream come true! You will have made a change in my heart and the entire robotics team will be thankful.

If you have any questions please call me at (619) 737-1147

Sincerely yours,
Ana Laura Colio

3878 Beyer Blvd. #54
San Ysidro CA 92173
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